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upper-cervicalHave you ever wondered if there is a root to your health? Well, there is, it is called Upper Cervical Chiropractic. This type of health care builds a true foundation of health in yours and your family’s health. Whether you are dealing with health issues or are looking to prevent health issues Upper Cervical Chiropractic can help.

The brain controls every cell and function in the body. It does this through the nervous system. Everything from new cell growth to cell death, muscle movement to sleep, every heart beat and breath you take, your brain controls it all. The ability for your brain to communicate with your body is done through your nervous system. If there is an error or problem with the communication between your brain or your body, or from the body to the brain, then your body will not operate within the control of the brain. In fact the weight of a dime has been shown to reduce nerve function up to 70%. So because 95% of the nerves that communicate between brain and body do so through the top two neck bones, if there is a problem in this area it can affect well… ANYTHING; and because only 1/3 of the nerves in that area perceive pain you may not even feel or know that that area of the spine is the actual root cause of all your woes.

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