Dr. Kyle Durieux attended Red Deer College and the University of Calgary both in Alberta, Canada majoring in chemistry. His ambition is to make people smile, and at that time was gearing up to go to dental school. With a previous injury in life to his spine and a more recent flare up of that pain at the time Dr. D was again faced with going finding a chiropractor to relieve his pain. With finding a really great chiropractor who gave him better than average results he was convinced that his real passion lied in not just fixing teeth but putting lasting smiles on faces by helping to heal others through chiropractic.

He applied for Palmer Chiropractic College in Davenport, IA and made the long journey to become a chiropractor.  He graduated from Palmer College in three and a third years in February of 2011 with a Chiropractic Physicians Degree with Research Honors, cum laude, a Physical Therapy Degree and a Bachelor of Science Degree .

Dr. D also educated himself further in the Upper Cervical (neck) technique known as the Blair Specific Chiropractic Technique; spending countless hours practicing and training and teaching others how to better perform the technique both as a Blair student and as the President of the Blair Club at Palmer.  He was deemed by his Blair Instructor to be the most advanced student to graduate Palmer with the Blair technique in the past 10 years.  An honor in which he humbly relates to his amazing instructors, Dr. Hubbard, Dr. Forest and Dr. Blair.

Dr. D is very passionate about the Blair Specific Chiropractic Technique.

Dr. Durieux has been married for 15 years to his beautiful wife and together they have three beautiful children. They are all excited to be living here and setting up this office to help the people of Saint George, Utah and its surrounding neighbors. Dr. D is a swimming enthusiast; he swam since age 10 at varying levels. He loves teaching his kids to swim and coaching the local team.

Dr. Durieux is very excited to be here and hopes that you will make an appointment today to see what he and the Blair Technique can do for you and your health.