Our Financial Policy

You are special

For our clients without insurance:
We request that all fees be paid at the time of each visit. We accept your check, cash or debit/credit cards. We are happy to offer payment plans as well as family fee plans.

For our client with insurance:
Please understand that your health or insurance policy is an agreement between you and your insurance carrier.

Therefore, you must understand and agree that all services in our office are directly billed to you and are your personal responsibility.

As a courtesy, and upon your express request, we will provide you with itemized statements to submit to your insurance company. You will be reimbursed directly by your insurance carrier according to the provisions of your policy.

We are happy to offer clients with insurance coverage the same special payment plans as are available to all other clients.

Financial Arrangements:

Our fees have been established to be reasonable and affordable to you, whether or not you have insurance coverage.

The First Visit:

We do a series of Orthopedic and Neurological tests to evaluate whether or now we accept you as a client.  This is a free service that we provide to those that want to know if we can improve their and their families health.

If qualified payment of services moving forward are discussed at that time.

Subsequent Visits Fees:

Discussed upon qualifying for care.


If you have any financial concern, please speak directly with us.